Psychological Services

As elder care specialists, our top priority at GeroPartners is to help older adults maintain the highest level of independence and the best quality of life possible, while optimizing emotional health and safety.

We can help you better understand any changes you observe in yourself or someone you care about and develop personalized treatment recommendations. Our knowledge of the unique strengths and challenges of elderhood provide you with peace of mind and the confidence to move forward with a plan of action.

Give us a call at (804) 993-4304 or email us at We’d be honored to guide you during this challenging time.

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Counseling or psychotherapy

Many individuals need support and treatment for grief and loss issues, depression, anxiety, stress management and other concerns, but do not know who to turn to.  Counseling provides the opportunity to process your experiences and emotions, develop new tools for coping and self-care, and create meaning out of an otherwise difficult situation.

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Working closely with physicians

GeroPartners does not prescribe medications, but instead works closely with your prescribing primary care provider to ensure all treatment is coordinated well.

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Diagnosing cognitive changes

GeroPartners provides comprehensive, expert assessment of cognitive and functional changes in order to identify the cause and make recommendations for treatment or follow-up.

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Evaluating decision-making capacity

As part of a Power of Attorney arrangement or when someone is seeking guardianship over another individual, GeroPartners provides expert evaluations of individuals’ cognitive and functional abilities to help make crucial decisions about their care needs.

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